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Monitoring Data Services, Inc. makes no implied or express representation or warranty (and disclaims all such representations and warranties) with regard to the portfolio properties listed on its website. This disclaimer includes, without limitation, any representation or warranty as to condition, state of repair, construction, quality of materials, habitability, marketability, merchantability, value, profitability or financial performance, management, suitability for a particular purpose, access to utilities and roadways, or compliance with any federal, state and local laws, regulations or ordinances, including without limitation environmental laws or regulations, accessibility laws or regulations, wetlands and reparian restrictions, zoning and land use ordinances and restrictions. All investigations and analysis as to such matters, and any other matters concerning a portfolio property are the sole and independent responsibility of the party who may be interested in acquiring a property.

List of Properties For Sale
Property: 1026 W. Gramercy
Address: 1026 W. Gramercy -- San Antonio, TX 78201
Phone: Contact: Leah Steidel 210-815